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New York, NY

After twenty years in their four story brownstone on the upper west side of Manhattan, the Prentice family decided to renovate. They wanted to retain the original details that remained on the parlor and bedroom floors but wanted a more contemporary approach to the floors that had already been stripped of these details in earlier renovations. This theme of blending the traditional with modern was carried throughout the design.

On the ground floor, modern kitchen cabinets are combined with a French limestone floor and a beamed ceiling, creating an updated version of the traditional French country kitchen complete with fireplace and sitting area. The kitchen space opens to the garden with a wall of steel casement windows that provide both light and security. This wall of glass extends below the kitchen level to provide light into the basement family room where the stone walls mix with modern furniture and sleek maple cabinetry. On the parlor floor, the ornate ceilings and mahogany wainscoting are freshened by contemporary furnishings. The master bedroom floor, which has the original flooring and mahogany trim, has a new bathroom with glass tiles and sleek shower enclosure. On the floor above, the original ornate staircase ends amid clean-lined and sophisticated bedrooms and a seating area for the three children. To enhance the light, the existing skylight on the staircase has been refurbished and three new skylights have been installed over the bathrooms and common area.

From bottom to top, the resulting design retains the beauty of the old while instilling the freshness of the new.







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